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    Experienced program and project evaluator with over eight years of experience on 6 funded grant programs. Creator of programing code in both procedural and declarative programing language formats. Forward thinker able to combine technical expertise with excellent communication and analytic skills.

    I have successfully ensured that all clients to date have met their evaluation target goals for survey data collection numbers and reporting schedules to within acceptably allowable compliance guidelines. Other data expertise for meeting national and local performance measures, tracking participants for follow-up interviews, entering data collected, and coordinating others under the direction of compliance agency officers and project director on all project evaluation data management and submissions activities and requirements.  Notable qualification includes a career focused on providing SA/STD/HIV behavioral health knowledge using analytic services for the past 8.5 years.  Some organization relationship types managed has including working with local organizations specializing in those serving special populations such as the homeless, elderly, adolescent, Latino and Minority community.  Additionally I am extremely competent on MSM issues and culture.


    While not directly tasked with duties of programming code, many jobs provided opportunities for exposure to creating code in a variety of procedural and declarative programming language formats. Beyond proficiency in office software (Microsoft Office Professional 2003/2007/2010), I have proven skills in a variety of technical specialties including: predictive analytical statistics software (SPSS/R), geographic information systems (ESRI ArcGIS), automated interview software (QDS), semantic creation software (Protégé/OpenEHR), and modeling software (AMOS/MS VISIO/Processing).  As well, I have functional knowledge of traditional development technologies such as web (IIS/ASPX/PHP/PYTHON/AJAX/CSS), relational database (MySQL/MS SQL SERVER) and business intelligence operations (XML Schema, ETI, and Reporting).   I also an avid video game enthusiast and can bring end user view component to any development project.  I have familiarity with the programming concepts and have XNA Game Studio.  I also have extensive video game playing experience.